Business Spotlight: Goodwill Industries

Believe it or not, it’s been a little over a year since Goodwill came to Orangevale filling one of our long standing vacant commercial spaces in the Cable Park shopping center. It came with mixed reviews of “What will this bring to our community? And, will Goodwill live up to its name?”

Well, if creating over 40 new jobs, helping the underserved, and if finding a bargain any day of the week fits the bill, then the answer is a resounding YES!

“We are here to serve the community,” said Chief Missions Officer Rachel Wickland. “As the community gives through donations, we give it right back through jobs, and supporting non-profits helping those in need. We are always looking for ways to better serve the community. It’s our mission.”

Last year, the Goodwill organization provided over 900,000 services to people of the Sacramento region in need of self-sufficiency. And that’s just some of the help they provide.

Probably one of the biggest accomplishments of 2018 is their response to the fires in Northern California. The Goodwill network raised over $270,000 in donations, provided clothing, living supplies, and gift cards to fire victims.

“We are not just a store; we are part of the community,” said Wickland. As families suffered great losses in the fires this past fall, Goodwill came to the rescue issuing over 3,500 vouchers and today we are still helping those who have yet to get back on their feet.

Down on your luck? Need a job? Goodwill is always hiring. “This is the safest place to re-enter the workforce especially anyone historically excluded from the workplace,” said Wickland. “We can train anyone to do a job, but are always looking for someone kind and compassionate with a strong desire to work.”

The Orangevale store currently has 42 employees and is looking to hire more. Volunteers are also welcome and it’s not unusual for them to become “hooked on the mission” and join the organization like Orangevale Store Manager, Zara Tahi.

If you are lucky enough to have a job, not down on your luck but love a bargain, then this place is worth checking out! Just like its grand opening in January 2018, the store is clean, organized and well maintained with a great staff ready to serve.

“It’s a treasure hunt on any given day,” said Manager Tahi. “Some things like fur coats, guitars and high end vintage items are so valuable that they go on our website auction. For example, a gold piece recently sold for $4,000!”

All donations go through five filters of sorting and evaluating before it hits the floor. “Our staff carefully checks for quality and price accuracy,” said Tahi. “Items are constantly moving and nothing is usually out on the floor for more than seven days.”

Items that don’t get sold, get moved on to the Goodwill outlet where shoppers can purchase by the pound.

It’s like Black Friday everyday but on a sale day you can get 50 percent off most items, Tahi added.

“We see people every day that need help and we are here for them,” said Tahi. “And it’s not uncommon for someone to come in a get a change of clothes. Our mission is to serve and that’s what we do.”

If you haven’t been into the local Goodwill yet, come check it out. Tahi and the Orangevale staff will welcome you with open arms. The Orangevale Goodwill store is open seven days a week!