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Good Turn Day


GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF SACRAMENTO VALLEY & NORTHERN NEVADA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to utilize its resources to help people with disadvantages achieve self-sufficiency.

For over thirty years, Girl Scouts throughout the Sacramento Valley, the Sierra Nevada and surrounding areas have participated in this annual event, which promotes collaboration and community relations while fulfilling the mission of both organizations.

GOOD TURN DAY is a long-standing opportunity for GIRL SCOUTS to assist Goodwill in the fulfillment of their mission by collecting donations from their friends, families, and communities, and drop off at Goodwill stores and/or Donation Xpress sites. This volunteer project is a way for Girl Scouts to learn how they can be leaders and make a difference in their communities by collecting donations that might otherwise end up in a landfill.


Step 1 SIGN UP! Submit your registration form one of the following ways:

Email: Fax:  916-395-9000 Attn: Mary Lyons

Mail: 8001 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95826, Attn:  Mary Lyons

Step 2 RECYCLE plastic or paper bags, or cardboard boxes to collect donations (reuse bags or boxes from the grocery store!). 

Step 3 COLLECT donation bags and RETURN to any Goodwill store or Donation Xpress site by May 31st. For a location near you, visit

Step 4 ORDER PATCHES!  Submit patch orders (located on the right side of the registration form) in one of the following ways:

Email: Fax: 916-395-2615, Attn: Mary Lyons

Mail: 8001 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95826, Attn:  Mary Lyons


  1. Return five or more filled bags and receive a Goodwill Good Turn Day Patch or Rocker.
  1. 100% Participation Ribbon for troops who submit at least one bag for every Girl Scout on their roster
  2. Turn in a group photo to be posted on Goodwill’s Facebook and website! (must have parent/guardian approval)

Patches/Rockers and ribbons will be mailed to troop leaders as the orders are received.



Gently-used clothing & accessories, small working electrical appliances, kitchen gadgets, pots/pans, jewelry, toys, games, cell phones, computer accessories, non-perishable food items.


Soiled, wet, stained, or torn clothing, large or built-in appliances, paint, chemicals, auto parts, mattresses, or hazardous materials.


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