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Heather Donaldson





About you

I am a singer/songwriter also known as Lady Katherine.  I am also a critical care nurse.  I recently relocated to Sacramento after living in LA for 12 years.  Northern California is my home. When I’m not saving lives, I’m world traveling, writing music or thrifting.


Why do you thrift

When I was living in Los Angeles living the artist’s life, I never had any money but needed clothing that would make me look like a star.  Goodwill quickly became my best friend.  I could find unique items made of rich fabrics that were often hardly worn.  Now that my pocketbook is not as tight, I don’t thrift out of necessity, I thrift because I worry about this planet and the effects of fast fashion on the environment.  I still find beautiful clothes for a fraction of retail prices and I use what I save to travel and enjoy life.


Favorite thrifted item?

I have this thing for leather jackets with fur collars.  But basically any awesome vintage jacket is totally my jam.


What do you love about thrifting?

I love finding something that was waiting for me on the racks.  Something that comes to life when I put on.  I love wearing a dress I found for $5 and making it look like a million.


Favorite Goodwill?

I really dig the L street boutique in Sacramento & the Sunset store at Sunset junction in LA.


Do you feel like thrifting enhances your style and why?

Yes! I find that vintage items are well tailored and made of sturdy fabrics.  I try to buy classic pieces that won’t go out of style.


What is your favorite season for fashion?

I love winter jackets, hats and boots.  I love spring dresses.  And I love the freedom of summer.


Describe your personal style?

Part hipster, part couture, part rockstar and part cozy AF.


What is your thrift store strategy?  Do you spend a lot of time and go through everything?  Do you go for a specific item each trip?  How do you stay on track?

Sometimes I have a particular item or event I’m shopping for.  I skim the racks for fabrics and patterns first, I look at the craftsmanship, I look at the size, I pull several items, put them in a cart and then try them on.  Sometimes I give myself a time limit, sometimes a just cruise.  I always remind myself that I’m not obligated to buy anything if I don’t find something I absolutely love.


Favorite fashion tip?

I never buy more hangers.  What I have is what I’ve got.  If I buy something and I don’t have any hangers left, I have to get rid of a similar item.  I keep a donation bag in my closet and when it’s full (or I have several) I recycle my clothes or donate them to Goodwill.  This keeps my closet under control and forces me to really think about purchases and my wardrobe in general.


How do you avoid buying something that is the wrong size

I try everything on.  If it doesn’t fit, I don’t buy it.  If it’s uncomfortable, I don’t buy it.  If it’s not quite right for any reason at all, I don’t buy it.