Keia | Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada


Keia Mae


About You

I have been in fashion/visual production for 15 years. My partner and I will launch an online marketplace in April 2018.


Why do you thrift?

To save money and get great clothes that always stand out.


Favorite thrifted item?

Any kind of fur.


What do you love about thrifting?

I love finding unique pieces I know no one is going to have. Creating cost efficient modern style looks with good quality at an amazing price is rewarding.


Favorite Goodwill and why?

I really like the new Goodwill on Alhambra. I haven’t walked out empty-handed yet. I always find something every time I go.


Do you feel like thrifting enhances your style and why?

Oh Yes!  It’s not hard for me to create and/or put together a look, it’s my profession.  I love sharing how much my looks cost to prove you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.


When did you start thrifting?

My granny made me a professional thrifter and I’ve passed that on to my daughter who’s been thrifting since she was in elementary school.


What is your favorite season for fashion?

Fall/winter of course, I love layers on layers and fur.


Describe your personal style?

My style is eclectic; I’m retro, edgy, sporty and feminine all at the same time.


What is your thrift store strategy?  Do you spend a lot of time and go through everything?  Do you go for a specific item each trip?  How do you stay on track?

Working in visual merchandising my strategy is to skim the racks really fast and easy. I stop when something catches my eye.  I usually have an idea of what I want but never any commitment to that idea. I just cruise, skim and grab. I’m also a wardrobe stylist so it’s easy to put looks together.


Favorite fashion tip?

If you can’t make at least 3 looks from each piece you want to buy, don’t get it.


How do you avoid buying something that is the wrong size or that you don’t need?

I know what I have and don’t have at home so I try to only buy something I don’t have. It’s only the wrong size if it’s too small, I like oversized pieces so it usually works for me.


Anything else you want to add?

Just because it isn’t expensive doesn’t mean you need it.