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Are you looking for a job but have scarce resources? Do you need help with your resume or application? Goodwill is here to help! Goodwill Job Connection is a free job search service open to the public! This free service is designed to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to find a job in today’s tough economic times.

At Goodwill’s Job Connection, you will have access to:

  • Computers with internet access
  • Fax machine, printer, telephone, copier
  • Trained, friendly staff to help you with resume writing skills, useful interviewing tips, assistance with job applications, and much more.

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1643 Hilltop Drive
Redding, CA 96002
Phone: 530-351-7677
Hours: M-F 10:00am-4:30pm

765 East Avenue
Chico, CA 95926
Phone: 530-893-8578
Hours: M-F 10:00am-4:300pm

The Office Technology program includes two levels of instruction. Level I teaches basic computer knowledge (introduction to the computer and Windows) and internet navigation. Level II introduces students to word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, office e-mail, and desktop publishing. Students learn via classroom instruction and computer lab time accompanied by a self-paced online program. Graduates of this program will possess the skills to become employed as a computer operator, word processor, data entry, or office technician and will earn an Office Technology Certificate upon completion.

The course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks (120 hours). Individualized program plans can be tailored to meet the needs of each student. Students must attend 4 hours of class per day, Monday through Friday. Class sessions are held from 8:00am-12:00pm, and 12:00pm-4:00pm. Students are welcome to stay longer if needed.


Level I: none

Level II: Successful completion of Office Technology Program Level I or a score of 75% or higher on the Level II placement exam.

Class enrollment is open to the public year-round and begins every Monday. Training participants may also be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. Call 916-649-2531 for more information.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services for People with Disabilities

A Situational Assessment utilizes actual work sites to analyze and determine a person’s strengths and barriers to employment, to assist them in choosing suitable Vocational training and job placement opportunities. Individuals are given a one-on-one assessment with a Job Coach. Assessments are typically 40 hours in length and may be completed within 10 business days.  Goodwill’s facilities are a perfect setting for an assessment in Custodial, Clerical, Retail, Warehouse and Processing/Sorting occupations.  Goodwill’s professional and caring staff will assist you throughout the assessment process.


  • Job Shadowing
  • Simulated Work Trials
  • Transferable Skills
  • Job Exploration
  • Job Observation
  • Real Work Experience

Training participants may be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about Situational Assessment services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Work Adjustment (WA) services are transitional, time-limited, systematic services that use real work or approved volunteer sites, to train individuals in the meaning, value, and demands of a job, to learn or re-establish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, work tolerance, and behaviors appropriate and necessary for work.  Job sites are temporary, and not intended to become a permanent placement.  

WA services focus on the elimination of barriers to employment and are accomplished in one to four (1-4) months.  WA services, however, are most often provided in a work site that generally constitutes an employer/employee relationship and requires payment of wages.  Work Adjustment is not used as training for a specific occupation.  Training participants may be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about Work Adjustment services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Personal, Vocational, Social Adjustment (PVSA) services assist individuals to develop or re-establish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and functional capacities to achieve and maintain positive employment outcomes.  Training is time-limited, individualized, and provided in the environment where the identified appropriate behavior is needed or occurs.

Services are generally provided on a one-on-one basis and are concluded within one to four (1-4) months.  PVSA services most often occur prior to job placement.  However, services may be appropriate after placement when an individual demonstrates behaviors that are job threatening.  PVSA services may be provided to ensure job retention.

PVSA training activities target the elimination / reduction of identified barriers to employment and may include, but are not limited to, issues such as:

  • Appropriate interaction in the workplace
  • Grooming and hygiene as related to work
  • Mobility training in use of public transportation
  • Work habits and attitudes such as attendance, punctuality, phoning in if ill, returning promptly from breaks and lunch
  • Personal budgeting, banking, and bill payment

Training participants may be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about Personal Vocational Social Adjustment services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Employment Services (ES) assists individuals to prepare for, obtain, and retain employment.  A continuum of services provides guidance and direction to an individual in the development of job search techniques and appropriate work-related behaviors that will enhance employability.  ES components provide assistance in the development of job search skills, coordination of job search activities, and identification of appropriate  job openings.  Employment Retention services are designed to support individuals and employers in achieving a successful employment outcome.

The four specific components of Employment Services include Intake, Employment Preparation, Job Development and Placement, and Employment Retention.

Employment Services Intake activities may include:

  • Assessment / Discovery using Goodwill’s Career and Life Matrix
  • Review of appropriateness of referral and job choice
  • Review of job choice in relation to the availability of employers and job postings in the local labor market
  • Establishing employment goals and objectives

Employment Preparation activities may include:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Resume development
  • Application preparation
  • Appropriate work behaviors and work ethics
  • Relevant work practices
  • Appropriate grooming and hygiene
  • Assistance with benefits planning related to employment
  • Identification of additional support services such as meeting transportation, childcare, or other needs

Job Development and Placement activities may include:

  • Identification of specific job openings appropriate for the individual
  • Contact of employers to identify job openings
  • Obtaining information detailing qualifications and work site requirements for specific job opportunities to ensure applicant readiness and success on the job
  • Job Site consultation to identify or modify barriers
  • Negotiating job carving, work site analysis, or other job accommodations
  • Assisting job applicant in the interviewing process
  • Assisting the job applicant in coordinating transportation needs

Upon job placement:

  • Job destination training
  • Job Orientation assistance
  • Information on conditions of employment, such as:
    • Job duties and job description
    • Performance expectations
    • Name of immediate supervisor
    • Responsibilities of the employee
    • Wage payment practices
    • Benefits
    • Company policies and procedures including conflict resolution procedures and health and safety practices
    • Probation and performance evaluation procedures
    • Union status, as appropriate

Employment Retention Following Employment

  • Phone or personal contact, on or off the job, to determine ongoing satisfaction with the terms of employment
  • Phone or personal contact with the employer to determine ongoing satisfaction with the terms of employment
  • Assistance with necessary supports to sustain employment

Training participants may be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about Employment Services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Job Coaching services are provided for competitively employed individuals and provides intensive assistance and support in employment-related activities to promote job adjustment and retention.

Activities of Job Coaching may include:

  • Job orientation
  • Job destination training
  • Teaching job tasks
  • Supervision at the worksite
  • Coworker / supervisor consultation
  • Assistance in integrating the individual into the work environment through natural supports
  • Assistance in changes in the work environment impacting potential for job retention
  • Assistance with public support agencies
  • Family and residential provider consultation
  • Contact with the consumer and/or employer to ensure continued job satisfaction
  • Assistance with monitoring Social Security Administration (SSA) reporting requirements
  • Support and counseling necessary to maintain employment

Training participants may be referred to this program by the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about JOb Coaching services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Our program prepares individuals for employment as Custodians or Janitors in hospitals, office buildings, stores, and as groundskeepers or landscape workers in nurseries, greenhouses, or private industry. Students are taught the basics of industrial janitorial and landscaping service. Skills learned include floor care, restroom and office cleaning, window washing, landscaping and lawn care, and parking lot maintenance. Students learn proper handling of chemicals, use of janitorial cleaning equipment, and vital safety procedures. Project assignments are completed in a modern office environment.

The Custodial Trade Training Program is a 10-week “hands-on” training program. A trained, experienced instructor teaches classes and supervises daily work operations. Class hours are 8:00 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Enrollment is open-ended, meaning students can begin their programs at any time. Due to the nature of the work, individuals must be able to lift 25 pounds and perform repeated bending, stooping, and standing. Upon successful completion of the Custodial Trade Training Program, a certificate is awarded.

Training participants may be referred to this program by either Alta California Regional Center or the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information about the Custodial Trade Training Program, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Goodwill is not currently accepting new referrals to the Work Activity Program.

Tailored to the individual, individuals are placed at the Redding Goodwill store.

This program is designed for individuals ages 18 and older who wish to develop job skills in a supportive environment. Individuals are assigned a Job Coach, job structure and work duties to achieve individualized goals. Goal planning addresses the development of work behaviors and performance in preparation for obtaining jobs in the community.


  • Retail Training
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Work Appropriate Behaviors
  • Custodial Trade Training
  • Grooming and Hygiene
  • Industrial/Production Work
  • Social Skills

Interested participants may be referred to this program by Far Northern or Alta California Regional Centers.

For more information about the Work Activity Program, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Goodwill’s Financial Capability services consist of Financial Education and Financial Coaching to increase an individual’s capacity—based on knowledge, skills, and access—to manage financial resources effectively and gain skills they need to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Education is a six module workshop series on financial topics. The curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to visioning and goal setting for personal finance. Participants learn the skill-building tools for individual, family and organizational success, to access opportunity, and the ability to adapt to the challenges of daily life. Participants will learn the skills manage money, save and invest, manage credit and debt, use financial services, insure and protect their assets, and plan for taxes.

Financial Coaching consists of ongoing one-on-one interactions with a Financial Coach that focus on achieving financial goals. Financial Coaching is a person-centered process aimed at reaching personalized goals that improve financial capability. Coaches offer tools, resources and encouragement that keep members accountable for their own action plans. Coaches support individuals and are trained on basic personal and family finance topics and coaching techniques to assist in developing the skills needed to increase long-term financial capability.

For more information about Financial Capability Services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Job Readiness Training classes from Goodwill are designed to help individuals examine their goals and prepare for productive and successful job seeking in any field of work. Classes are for those just entering the job market, who are unemployed and need to get back to work, or those seeking to boost their careers. Participants will learn skill building tools for individual, family and organizational success, how to access opportunity, and the ability to adapt to the challenges of daily life.

The course is based on the themes of personal development and work readiness preparations. The curriculum is designed to enhance participants’ marketability in the current work environment. Its focus is on planning, self-esteem, self-image, and preparation. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare participants with a portfolio and the skill set to enhance their contextual learning experience during training, effectively search for work, and transition into permanent employment.

This is a six-week course. For three weeks, the course will focus on personal development. For the other three weeks, the course will focus on job skills. This course has a fixed enrollment process, so interested participants will be enrolled on the next available cohort start date.

In addition to class, eligible participants will have the opportunity to gain skills through work experience at Goodwill (or other business requiring skills that align with the participant’s job search) and receive a training stipend. Participants are required to participate in the class in order to participate in the work opportunity.

Topics to be covered include: Task and Time Management, Dependability and Reliability, Developing Decision Making Skills, Stress and Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Creating a Positive Work Environment, Ethics and Integrity, Workplace Attitude, Customer Service Principles, Workplace Communication and Teamwork, Realizing Your Dream, Goal Setting, Understanding the Job Market, Resume and Cover Letters, Dressing for Success, Networking and Your Personal Brand, Interviews, Digital Literacy, Job Search and Job Offers, Job Retention, and Portfolio Building and Assembly.

For more information about Job Readiness Training, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Do you have what it takes to get a job in today’s market? Do you need work experience? Do you need to complete your high school diploma or GED? Are you confused about how to get into or pay for college?

Program Requirements:

  • 18-24 years of age
  • Not currently enrolled in school

Gain skills in:

  • Work experience
  • Leadership
  • Financial literacy
  • Career exploration training

Get access to:

  • Counseling service
  • Mentors
  • Career & education workshops
  • and more!

Program is a two year commitment.

For more information about Workforce Services for Youth, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

The Department of Human Assistance has a Subsidized Employment Program in partnership with Goodwill. Through this program, CalWORKs Welfare to Work participants may be placed in paid On The Job Training (OJT) positions at Goodwill. Any job-ready eligible CalWORKs participant who is unemployed or underemployed, including those in Job Club and the Community Work Experience programs, can qualify.

For more information about On-the-Job Training services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.



Individuals who wish to do their own taxes without assistance may utilize the . This site allows taxpayers to complete federal and up to 2 state returns for free, electronically file and have their refund directly deposited into their checking and savings accounts. Income limit is $64,000 to file federal and state returns for free. This software is available beginning mid-January 2017.


Those with incomes of $54,000 or less for 2016 qualify for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA). VITA volunteers will help prepare federal and state taxes. It is possible to also qualify for additional credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Care Credit and more, which could increase the refund amount. Tax filers may also qualify for the new Cal EITC.


  • Valid Photo ID
  • Social Security cards for all persons on your tax return
  • W2 (for all jobs worked)
  • 2015 Income Tax Return, if available
  • 1099-G for Unemployment payments
  • 1099-INT for any bank interest you earned
  • Statement from your mortgage company (if applicable)
  • If filing jointly, your spouse must be with you
  • 1095-A for ACA medical coverage information

For information about additional VITA and TCE Sites, contact  2-1-1 Sacramento : call (916) 498-1000, or call 211.

The Career and Life Matrix (CALM) is an assessment/discovery tool based on a framework of 25 career and life domains in employment, financial, support, and wellness services. The CALM allows individuals to plot their current life location versus their desired destination, and create a road map to obtain goals. The assessment/discovery process helps coaches become acquainted with new members and allows members to personally assess their current life and employment situation. Based on the results of the assessment / discovery process, the support team assists members in developing an Individual Service Plan (ISP). The ISP identifies actionable objectives to develop the competencies and behaviors necessary to enter or advance in a certain field chosen by the member. The ISP is tailored to meet members’ specific needs and is aligned to the hiring needs of the business community.

For more information about Career & Life Coaching services, please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.

Jobs(+) is a “hub” that provides job-seekers with access to community resources and encourages the exchange of information and ideas. Individuals receive support and learn how to use the community as a “classroom” to obtain the skills, competencies and behaviors necessary to overcome employment barriers, gain experience and ultimately achieve meaningful and rewarding employment.

Jobs(+) is equipped with Wi-Fi and is conveniently open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. It is located at 8001 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95826. Multiple computer terminals are available for members to access educational, training and employment related internet sites. The integrated, flexible setting promotes access to a range of learning opportunities where Jobs(+) members learn from coaches, online resources, classroom instruction and from each other.

For more information about Jobs(+), please contact Goodwill Industries at (916) 395-9000.