Tuyen | Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada






About you

I’m currently a college student running a fashion blog called “Typical Tuyen”. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, like my Facebook page or tune in on my blog from everyday comfy looks to chic and sleek looks!


Why do you thrift?

I thrift for the experience. Rummaging the aisles, discovering unique clothing, accessories, and styling pieces that fit right into my wardrobe for an inexpensive cost is my kind of shopping. Thrifting is therapeutic for me, it inspires and refreshes my fashion sense.


Favorite thrifted item?

There are a lot of gems I find, but my favorite thrifted item would have to be my Levi high-waisted mom jeans. They fit perfectly and they are the perfect wash. They are definitely a staple in my wardrobe!


What do you love about thrifting?

I love thrifting because it is environmentally friendly and it’s like going on a treasure hunt. I love that I can take a trip down memory lane and stumble upon clothes from the 70’s to 90’s and designer pieces, if I’m lucky!


Favorite Goodwill and why?

The Goodwill Superstore on Franklin and Florin Shopping center. Not only is the store as neat as can be, but the staff are friendly, which makes it pleasant to shop around.


Do you feel like thrifting enhances your style and why?

Yes I do!  When I’m out thrifting, I get so inspired to style different looks. I love that their shelves represent decades of fashion trends to choose from.


When did you start thrifting?

I started thrifting thanks to my mom. Thrift shopping is a time for my mom and I to bond. When I was a kid, I thought it was kind of embarrassing, but now I see it in a new light. I didn’t know what the term “thrifting” meant until I got older and realized I did it out of need when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I’m doing it for fun and I love it.


What is your favorite season for fashion?

My favorite season for fashion would have to be Fall. Layering is so much fun because there’s tons of pieces to choose from whether it’s outerwear, accessories, and shoes. I’m a sucker for outerwear and boots!


Describe your personal style?

I ask myself this a lot and to be quite honest, I don’t like to box myself into one type of style. Some days, I feel like wearing sneakers and a puffer jacket with a beanie, while other days, I feel like wearing booties and a denim jacket with a baker boy hat. It all depends on my mood. But if I have to describe my personal style, I would say experimental and effortless.


What is your thrift store strategy?  Do you spend a lot of time and go through everything?  Do you go for a specific item each trip?  How do you stay on track?

I look at the shoes first, outerwear next, then denim/pants section, and finally the shirts. After that, I like searching through the kid’s and men’s section because you never really know what you might find. When thrifting, I love, love, love, finding vintage denim high-waisted jeans or cool graphic tees!


Favorite fashion tip?

Make sure to look at every section. Yes, even the men’s section because if you like wearing oversized things, you can find the best t-shirts or outerwear. Don’t feel intimidated or embarrassed! You can definitely score some gems there.


How do you avoid buying something that is the wrong size or that you don’t need?

Try it on! I highly recommend using the fitting rooms because though there are the tricks like measuring your waist by wrapping a pair of pants around your neck or wearing the clothes on top of your outfit in front of a mirror, it just doesn’t do the pieces justice. It can be a hassle, but it’s worth avoiding disappointment! To avoid things I don’t need, I take a look at my cart before going through the check-out line and analyze the pieces and look at the price tags. If I can’t see myself wearing more than the amount I paid for, I don’t need it.